"Silver Paw Ranch"

"Partnering disabled veterans with service dogs"

Our Mission

Silver Paw Ranch is a Donor Advised Fund and Charitable Organization through The Calaveras Community Foundation, a 501(c)3 dedicated to the research, therapy, and placement of K-9 battle buddies as an alternative to medication for wounded warrior Veterans with PTSD and other medical needs.

Our Program

Silver Paw Ranch will be a working ranch for veterans and their families, headquartered in Calaveras County, in the heart of Northern California’s beautiful Gold Country.  The Ranch will be devoted to healing and restoring veterans to their families and society by training and partnering them with a service dog. Each veteran. along with their family, will live and train onsite for up to four weeks with his or her service dog to learn how the dog can help with their individual needs.


We seek funding from individuals and corporate donations and sponsorships, as well as government and VA grants. Our financial goal is to provide services to veterans free of charge.If you would like to make donations via the internet, you can view our wishlist at Amazon.com, “Donations for Silver Paw Ranch”, you can buy some of the things we need and have them shipped directly to us.

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